SMArt Xchange is the first platform featuring both traditional and alternative investment strategies traded in a UMA/SMA structure. Leveraging the efficiencies of Advent Custodial Data integrations with Black Diamond, Axys, and APX, SMArtX offers SS&C Advent clients a managed account experience like no other.


Separately managed accounts are one of the most secure ways to invest.


Customize and assign portfolios comprised of strategies, individual securities, mutual funds, and ETFs across multiple client accounts.


Allocate to institutional investment strategies with the click of a button.


Platform interface, billing, and reporting can be completely suited to your firm’s specifications.


Intra-day liquidity with no lock up and no penalties for redemptions


Create modified lists to only offer advisors specific strategies approved by your firm, or combine them to make new ones.


All securities are traded directly into your client’s brokerage account


Our rebalancing and drift management tools help to manage existing allocations, and we do all the trading.

 SMArtX is constantly expanding its investment options through advisor referrals and independent sourcing of managers.

Investment Strategies
Investment Firms

What makes us different for Advisors?

Complete ACD integration with SS&C Advent provides advisors with fully realized account reconciliation, streamlined operations, and single interface for T+1 sleeve-level, consolidated reporting.

Advisor as a PM, Rebalancer, and Drift Management

SMArtX’s simple, streamlined APM functionality was designed to help advisors save time and scale their ability to manage all their client portfolios in one dashboard.


SMArtX addresses advisor needs through next generation technology by providing an investment management solution, integrated with essential applications, to better serve clients. Our functionality encompasses the complete client experience, comprising:

Portfolio Proposal Initiation
Account Opening
Report Building
Portfolio Management

The simple, scalable, and encompassing SMArtX ecosphere enables advisors to focus on building their businesses to better serve existing clients and leverage their time to develop new client opportunities.


The SMArt Xchange Ecosystem

SMArt Xchange streamlines the investment research and portfolio allocation process for advisors by providing tools to assist across the investment lifecycle including:

  • Research investment strategies
  • Conduct due diligence
  • Build portfolios
  • Generate client proposal and reports
  • Provide transparent fees

SMArtX helps advisors save time:

  • Proposal generation with client signing page
  • Integrated account opening
  • Comprehensive lineup of investment strategies
  • Click to allocate/ liquidate technology
  • Portfolio creation and customization

SMArtX helps advisors scale their business through:

  • Integration with select SS&C Advent portfolio management products
  • Custom portfolios for each client
  • Single portfolio for multiple clients
  • Centralized source of investments
  • Access to Strategy-level data through Advent Custodial Data