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SMArtX Offers Direct Indexing for Free

February 7th, 2018 – West Palm Beach, FL:  SMArtX Advisory Solutions (“SMArtX”), a leading Turnkey Asset Management Platform (TAMP), today announced the expansion of its direct indexing with 14 new models from S-Network Global Indexes, including the Thomson Reuters/S-Network ESG Best Practice Indices. Included in this offering is the S-Net 500 US Large Cap Index. In an […]

Breaking Away the SMArtX Way

Recent developments in the large brokerage house space have made it more difficult for advisors to go independent, just as technology and the shift from a brokerage to a fee–based business has motivated advisors to start their own shop.  Low payouts, increased red tape, new policies, and constricted solutions prompt many wirehouse advisors to look […]

What is Alternative about Alternatives?

FinTech Revolutionizing Managed Accounts – Part 6 Investors generally reference “alternatives” as investments that fall outside the two primary asset classes, equities and bonds. These investments can be as vanilla as options and currencies, or far more esoteric, like timber, collateralized debt obligations, or art.  The problem with such a broad classification system is many […]

Can Retail Model Marketplaces Challenge TAMPs for Assets?

(Wealth Management Today) This article is the second in our series on the tools and technologies that help connect asset managers to their distribution networks. Whether they are called hubs, exchanges or marketplaces they have a wide variety of functionality and business models and they all share one key feature; ability to transmit managers’ investment […]

Direct Indexing

FinTech Revolutionizing Managed Accounts – Part 5 Security indexes (or indices, depending where you are from) predate the 20th century and have been used as benchmarks for investment managers for many decades. Beginning in 1975 (or potentially as early as 1967), investors began using index funds as a way to passively invest in a subset […]

Exclusions and Tax-Loss Harvesting

FinTech Revolutionizing Managed Accounts – Part 4 Advisory clients can be an eccentric bunch, with varied demands and unconventional reasons behind them.  Whether your client has taken a firm stance against the perils of tobacco, the side effects of petroleum, or simply doesn’t want to invest in a specific state because that is where their […]

Technology Special Section: VIEWS FROM THE EXPERTS

(Financial Advisor) Technology has revolutionized the financial industry, from Wall Street to Main Street, and wealth management is no different. Robo-advisors threatened wealth managers with scalability and ease of use, while unified managed accounts (“UMA”) platforms provided tools to access every investment manager under the sun. However, neither solution is truly complete. Robo-advisors are rigid […]

Accessing Alternatives in a UMA

FinTech Revolutionizing Managed Accounts – Part 3 Hedge funds have long been mired of the world of Regulation D private placements, until now.  While several strategies fit well into the idea of yearlong lock ups, consolidated asset pools, and high fee structures, many alternative strategies operate in the everyday world of buying and selling publicly […]

Investment Advisor or Securities Trader?

FinTech Revolutionizing Managed Accounts – Part 2Streamlined Investment Management Practices Advisors running several different client investment portfolios are faced with the burdensome task of constantly having to manage and even trade each of the portfolios on an on-going basis when they fall outside of allocation guidelines.  It used to be that each account had to […]

Real-Time Everything

FinTech Revolutionizing Managed Accounts – Part 1 Advances in FinTech mean you no longer have to wait for next day allocations and reporting for your unified managed accounts. After all, why is there a delay when the securities are electronically traded? SMArtX provides real-time sleeve level reporting on all investment strategies, combined with intra-day allocations […]