The SMArt Xchange platform provides investment managers with a highly scalable, turnkey distribution platform, enabling access to investors around the world through model portfolio delivery.

SMArtXchange works with both traditional and alternative investment firms to provide model portfolios of their strategies exclusively to SS&C Advent clients using Black Diamond, Axys, or APX.

Investment Strategies
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Investment Firms

What makes us different for Managers?

Complete ACD integration with SS&C Advent enables investment managers to offer their strategies to clients of SS&C Advent through a seamless platform solution.
Low Turnover Strategies

Our simple Manager Dashboard shows the strategy’s real-time portfolio allocation that can be adjusted with a simple entry and 2 step verification process.

High Turnover Strategies

For strategies that trade more frequently, SMArt Xchange has the ability to automatically receive trade information directly from an investment firm’s broker/dealer and/or execution platform, which is then automatically re-scaled and executed by our systems to create a real-time model portfolio.

SMArtX enables asset managers who also act as investment advisors to manage client accounts, reducing the operational burden of running your own SMAs on multiple platforms. Our White Label features gives you the same level of functionality as any other investment advisor.

White Label

All reports can be fully customized with your firm’s information.



Manage all client accounts through a single SMArtX interface.


You can allocate clients only to your strategy or customize a diversified portfolio.

Advisory Fees

Investment advisory fees can be added and payment received directly from SMArtX.


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