The SMArtX platform provides investment managers with a highly scalable, turnkey distribution platform, enabling access to investors around the world through model portfolio delivery.


Our technology also supports the DEPLOY program, a fully outsourced SMA solution to handle the day-to-day operations of your SMA business.

SMArtX works with both traditional and alternative investment firms to provide model portfolios of their strategies exclusively to SS&C Advent clients using Black Diamond, Axys, or APX.


What Makes Us Different for Managers?

Complete ACD integration with SS&C Advent enables investment managers to offer their strategies to clients of SS&C Advent through a seamless platform solution.
Low Turnover Strategies

Our simple Manager Dashboard shows the strategy’s intra-day portfolio allocation that can be adjusted with a simple entry and 2 step verification process.

High Turnover Strategies

For strategies that trade more frequently, SMArtX has the ability to automatically receive trade information directly from an investment firm’s broker/dealer and/or execution platform, which is then automatically re-scaled and executed by our systems to create a model portfolio updated intra-day.

The DEPLOY program streamlines middle and back office operations to lower the burden of running SMAs.  Investment firms use a single dashboard to make portfolio adjustments, and trades are implemented across all linked SMAs, regardless of the custodian, to facilitate the effective, intra-day representation of the investment portfolio. The program features:

Hosted client onboarding

Single sign on

Trade rotation

White label reporting and user interface

Trade execution

Automated billing

Trade reconciliation and handling trade breaks

GIPS/client reporting


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