SMArtX offers a simple, transparent fee structure for all the models on the platform.  There is no performance fee charged for any of the traditional or alternative strategies, and only one layer of fees paid to SMArtX.

SMArtX Platform Access Fee: 15bps

(Tiers down based on asset size)

Traditional Models
Typically "long only"

Classified by:

Market cap

Investment style

Geographical location

Security type


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Alternative Models
Based on hedge fund strategies

Classified by:

Long/short equity

Market neutral

Long bias


Risk arbitrage

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Index Models
Range of options

Classified by

Broad market Indexes


Long only



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In addition to SMArtX fees, all clients should expect to incur third party fees that may include trading commissions (wrap fees or transactional), interest expenses, and financing charges (cost of borrow and margin costs).  For more information on each of these, please contact your custodial representative.