HedgeCoVest started like many great ideas: from the frustration of the status quo and ingenuity to create a better solution.

As active members of the hedge fund industry for a number of years, we recognized some of the drawbacks to investing in hedge funds through the typical limited partnership structure, and understood the adverse experiences some investors had encountered during and after the Global Financial Crisis. We understood from several investors that they wanted a more transparent, liquid, and secure way to invest in alternative strategies, without the restrictions imposed by a fund structure or its General Partner. At the same time, we were aware of the investment manager’s wish for an easier way to reach a wider investor base and raise assets, even if they weren’t already a household name.

We then set out to address and solve these tribulations using a technological solution in a way that did not exist in the marketplace.  By creating a seamless technology that integrates directly into an investment manager’s trading systems and counterparties, and removing the fund structure limiting investor participation, we achieved a turnkey solution for managers to access a whole world of new, prospective investors.  Furthermore, we achieved this is with no additional operational or marketing burden on the investment firm. The same technology also met investor demand by creating a more advantageous method for investors to access alternative strategies, and HedgeCoVest was born.

The HedgeCoVest technology led to the creation of a unique investment platform by returning the control and transparency of investment management back to the investor.  Better yet, we were able to do this with alternative investments, and then apply our technology to offer several traditional investment strategies through the same single brokerage account.

Since our launch, HedgeCoVest has built its own investment platform and tied into some of the industry’s largest custodial firms.  We have also deployed our technology through various outlets to provide firms with a white-labelled, turnkey managed account solution for their clients. Today, HedgeCoVest is the largest provider of traditional and alternative strategies combined in a single brokerage account.

Come see how our technology can work for you.